What a difference a day makes…

The past two days were sunny and warm , temperatures were in the low 70’s. today it was rainy, cold, and windy with temperatures not getting out of the 40’s. It made it a bit harder to fully enjoy our stops but we still had a very good day.

We left Brugge and drove about an hour to Gent (I’ve also seen it spelled Ghent). This is another well-preserved town with a large meeting square and historic churches. We took a couple of quick pictures and then headed indoors for some hot chocolate to people watch and take in the sights out of the rain.

After another hour or so act leaving Gent we arrived in Brussels, our last stop of the tour. We will be here two nights. A short bus tour was in order then we had time to explore Market Square. This evening we went back to the square to learn about an old time puppet show for adults that still takes place in Brussels. Apparently this was entertainment for the peasants many years ago, many of their puppets are very old and the building was hundreds of years old too. In addition, we went to one of the many chocolate stores and had a demonstration and lesson in how they make their chocolates. Of course, there were samples!

Hopefully the weather cooperates more tomorrow, we really like Brussels, it is really a very grand looking city. Tomorrow the day is free so we can take of and do what we like. I think we will take advantage of our hotel room for a while. We are at The Hotel and it is very nice and modern, the nicest room we have stayed in for a while, I will add some pictures of our room and the view from the corner windows of our 14th floor room.

Not many pictures today, and they all seem a bit dreary but it is what it is.



















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