Luxembourg and Trier

I must really be tired, I had to look at our schedule to make sure I remembered correctly what we did this morning! We left early to begin our day in and around Luxembourg, the first stop was General Patton’s grave and the cemetery for American soldiers. That was a ver nice stop and our guide gave us some interesting background information in Patton and the war. It is almost embarrassing that people from other countries know so much more about him than I do.

Ater that we headed to the Luxembourg city center. Here we saw the gorge over the Alzette and Petrusse Rivers, the old cathedral, and the Grand Ducal Palace before having time to explore on their own. Luxembourg has a very interesting history, and I’m especially impressed with the many languages the people speak and understand – almost all of them know Luxembourgish, German, French, and English!

About mid-afternoon we went to ten German city of Trier about 30 minutes away. Trier is an old Roman city with buildings dating back 1900 years. We saw one of the stone walled entrances to the city along with Roman baths, cathedrals, and more. To finish our day we want to the hills above the city overlooking the Moselle River for an authentic German supper. It was a nice way to end the day.

Tomorrow we leave Luxembourg and go to Bruges, Belgium. This is one place we have looked forward to seeing and are hoping for a great day!











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