Amsterdam to Luxembourg

Another long day of travel but this time we changed locations. First thing this morning we went to the diamond cutting factory before leaving Amsterdam. It was pretty interesting to watch them polish diamonds and learn about how Amsterdam became so prominent in the diamond business. Unfortunately, I would have liked the 2 carat perfect diamond they showed us but we’ll over $20,000 is well over my jewelry budget for the year!

Next we traveled to De Haar Castle located in Haarzuilens, this is a very large privately owned castle with beautiful gardens. The family all stay there each August and September. We had time to explore the gardens before moving on.

Before going further, this brings me to thoughts on time to take a tour such as this. We chose these dates because this is usually peak time for tulips. Unfortunately, this year they are three to four weeks behind typical times. What this means is that the other gardens we have seen are behind, as is the countryside and everywhere else. The tulip portion of this trip turned out to be about one afternoon. In hindsight, we would have booked over the summer to be able to count on warmer weather and more beautiful scenery. If tulips are your priority, you really should wait until there is a grasp on timing so that you won’t be disappointed.

Moving on…our next stop was the town of Maastricht. It is situated with a large town square, many old buildings for shopping and dining. It was a very nice stop for lunch and time away from the bus!

One more stop before arriving in Luxembourg was the town if Bastogne to view the American Memorial. This was built to honor the 76,890 American soldiers wounded or killed during the Battle of the Bulge. The memorial sits up on a hill overlooking the entire area, and you can climb to the top for an even better view.

Finally, around 7:00 we arrived in Luxembourg, after a quick dinner we are both about ready forest for the night. Tomorrow we will get a tour of Luxembourg including the Grand Ducal Palace and the gorge at Rivers Alzette and Petrusse. Later in the afternoon we will go on an excursion to Trier, Germany to tour the city then go to the hills overlooking the Mozelle River for supper in an original villa located there.

Hopefully you can see and enjoy the pictures. The way I am uploading them I haven’t figured out how to label them so I guess the fun is in trying to decide what you are seeing!












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