On Our Way!

Our trip got off to an interesting start, weather can do that sometimes! Our initial flight was from Huntsville to Houston with a little over an hour to make our way to the connecting flight to Amsterdam. Stormy weather across the country caused many travel problems resulting in our first flight being delayed. Lance and I arrived in Houston with about 15 minutes to make our way from one end of the airport to the other. On the way I had a recorded call from the airline stating that they were keeping our reservation; however, they also booked us on flights for the following day in case we didn’t make the connection. Oh…and the flights started from Huntsville! Not sure how that was going to happen?!

As we approached the gate I heard the call for final boarding and I was afraid that we weren’t going to make it. Luck was with us and we were allowed to board and breathed a sigh of relief. As I type this on the plane there are doubts whether our luggage raced across the airport successfully like we did, that remains to be seen.

After all the rush, we sat at the gate for quite a while then moved out to take our place in line for takeoff. Looking out the window we could see that planes were lined up all the way to Terre Haute!(10 points if you can name the movie associated with this quote). The wait was supposed to be 30 minutes but I’m sure it was much longer than that. Eventually we took off and we are now an hour and a half into our flight at this point.

It has been one of the bumpiest plane rides we have experienced in quite a while. The pilot just came on and asked the flight attendants to discontinue dinner service until we get around the turbulence, he expects that to take half an hour or so.

An addition…we made it to Amsterdam and so did our luggage! Our room overlooks one of the canals and we are excited for our canal ride tonight. Weather is overcast and cool but that’s no problem

Our hopes are that things settle down from this point and we can relax and enjoy our tour and also share some pictures. First stop Amsterdam for the canals, flowers, and windmills.


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