Almost time for another travel adventure!

It’s been a long time since a blog post but we will be leaving again in a couple of weeks so it is time to clean up the blog, make sure everything works, and get ready to post again! Lance and I will be headed to Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France later this month. We booked this trip for a couple of reasons – hoping to catch the tulips in bloom and we are excited to see windmills. One bonus is the food – all of these places have food that this picky eater will enjoy – french fries, waffles, Belgian beer, and chocolate are all on my list!!

If anyone has been to one of these places we would love your input. We have been to Paris before, but just for one day. This time we will spend a couple of nights, the plan is to do the Hop On Hop Off bus to get around the city and we also want to take a ride on the Seine. It looks like winter and spring have been fairly cool in Holland and Belgium so the tulips have not yet begun to bloom. That may be good for us as they may be blooming by the time we arrive.

We are looking forward to sharing some beautiful pictures and memories!


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