Laundry Room Makeover

It is time for another Pinterest inspired project! Lance and I have liked the look of the board and batten walls that some bloggers have used in their home so wanted one in our house.  You can see an example here – – it is used in an entry way. We decided to create that look in our laundry room. Here is how our laundry room looked before we began –

And another angle…

The rest of our house has some nice crown moulding so we wanted to include it too. First Lance took down the ugly fluorescent light and put up a new one. Then he took down the wire shelf (hooray, another one of those out of the house!) and taped off the height of the trim work and painted the bottom portion of the room…

Then he taped around where the crown moulding would go and painted that portion white and underneath it was ready to be painted lemongrass green to eventually coordinate with the rug we used…

The last step was putting up the crown moulding and board and batten trim. Here is the final result..

And a view looking in from the garage…

The red washer and dryer are a few years old now and we have never known what color to use with them, especially in a smaller laundry room like this. We still need to add some picture but I think we accomplished the look we were going for – what do you think?

Just for good measure, here are the before and after side by side…


7 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover

  1. Holy cow! If you’re worried about what colors to pair with your washer and dryer you are NEVER coming to our house with its bland ‘bisquit’ w/d stuck in whatever the room was when we bought the house. Some day, when J and I actually think we’re in our ‘final’ house, we’ll contemplate this. I am blow away.

  2. We have the same red washer and dryer and I’ve never known what color goes well with it. You did a great job! Do you remember where you bought the rug? Your laundry room is my new inspiration:)

  3. I am so deliriously happy that you added the link for the rug! LOVE it! Can you tell me paint color? Then you can officially be my laundry room designer…I’ve already bought the washer dryer 🙂

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