Beautiful Spring Day!

What a gorgeous day it is in Alabama! The temperature is closing in on 75 degrees, we have lots of sun, and many plants are showing signs of coming out of their winter shutdown. Tomorrow looks to be a different story as severe storms are in the forecast for tomorrow evening. It is obvious that many people in this area are very skittish whenever any kinds of storms are forecast, this is completely natural after the devastation that occurred last April 27. Hopefully, this will just be another “possibility” that doesn’t develop into anything serious.

To take advantage of the beautiful day, Lance and I went to one of our local walking trails. We are still learning our way around the area and have often seen cars parked by this trail but have never checked it out for ourselves. I packed the camera hoping to find lots of examples of spring in bloom (just forget that it is only March 1!). Unfortunately, I was a little too optimistic, but the trail was a nice area for walking as it was flat and wide with plenty of room for everyone. There is a small creek alongside the trail that was easy to view since the shrubbery hasn’t begun to fill in all of the way and we enjoyed the time outside in the warmer weather.

Walking path

Beware of cows!

Looking down the creek


Another view of the creek with some signs of springLast creek picture, I promise!

I couldn't help myself, I had to go for the "artsy fartsy" shot!

We didn't find any cows, but did see horses

Up close and personal


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