Another month, another project…

It seems like we do a project each month, this one isn’t a huge one but it has made a nice change in our house. Last November we ordered shower curtains from Pottery Barn and they were back ordered until the end of January. With their arrival, the bathroom makeover(s) began.

The bathroom near our study originally looked like this…

It was painted the same beige color as the rest of the house before moving in and just had a shower curtain from our old house and a picture on the wall. We decided to paint an off white and try to keep the bathroom simple but add to it with color through towels and the wall hangings. Here is the new version…

I like the new look a lot – it is a bit more finished looking and is still simple.

The other bathroom received a mini-makeover, we used the same shower curtain but didn’t paint (yet!). One of the biggest changes was the mirror over the sink. Lance took down the mirror installed by the builder and put up a mirror that belongs to one of our dressers that had been in a closet.  Here is the old look…

And the new…

Unfortunately, I haven’t learned how to take great pictures of small spaces like bathrooms, but I think you can at least get a feel for what we did!




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