A New Year, a new project…

Darn Pinterest!!! We are always finding such great ideas for the house that there is never a shortage of projects to do. Lance took on a project to upgrade our pantry yesterday after seeing this picture on Pinterest…

It came from a blog at http://www.thesunnysideupblog.com/2011/12/pantry-organization-next-level.html and this pantry seemed similar in size to ours and we loved how the wired shelves were gone – they are not my favorite things so anytime the wires can go away, I am a happy camper!

Our pantry started out like this…

Not too bad looking, but just needed spruced up a little. Lance decided the easiest way to make wood shelves was to put them right over the top of the wire shelving, that left it there for additional support and if we ever wanted to get rid of the wood, the wire was still there. The first thing he did was painted the pantry to match the kitchen then started putting together the shelves. It took one board of lumber from Home Depot and they cut it to size for us. The only other thing we bought was 2 pieces of moulding for the front of the shelf for decoration and to cover the wire overhang.

Here is what it looked like as it went along..,.

A picture of the wire under the wooden shelf…

All finished before reloading everything back into the pantry…

The picture we used as inspiration used some great storage canisters and baskets and that will be our next goal. We have found a couple of baskets to use for odd shaped items and are still looking for containers for flour, sugar, etc. I guess if worst comes to worst I can use the canisters on my kitchen counter – lol!! Here is the finished project for now…

Now we move on to our next project…not sure what it will be…we have new shower curtains ordered for the bathrooms, perhaps choosing a new paint color and fixing those rooms up  will be the next thing!


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