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Our granddaughter recently celebrated her first birthday and one thing we wanted to get her was a book with pictures of her family and pets. We have made several books in the past but these all had paper pages that wouldn’t hold up for a one year old. I searched the internet looking for a company that would make a custom board book with the thick pages made for toddlers. Although I thought this would be easy, it wasn’t- in fact, I only found one company offering this.  They are called My Custom Story –

Apparently they know they have the market on this product because the price was considerable, with shipping our 6X6 inch book with 12 pages cost $45.90 – yikes! We went ahead with this because it was something we really wanted her to have. Below I’ll let you know our thoughts and if it was worth it…

Quality – B+  The images turned out wonderfully, page thickness is excellent and the book is very nice. I am a little concerned with the binding, it seems to be some sort of tape that looks like it could get torn or pulled but right now it is fine.

Ease of Creation – C  I have worked with many bookmaking applications such as MyPublisher, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Blurb so feel comfortable making personalized books. Several times during the process I would try to change font size or color and the change didn’t post so I had to redo it. Pictures were easy to upload and size as best as I could within the template. One thing I found frustrating was that I originally created a 4X5 book then decided to go with the bigger 6X6, that meant I had to start over instead of being able to just switch the book size.

Customer Service – A  I received instant notification that my order was received, and each email I sent (see below) was answered in an appropriate amount of time.

Delivery and Processing Time – F  Here is my biggest problem with this book, it was ordered on October 3 and received on October 26 – more than 3 weeks time. To me, this is unacceptable, I generally receive photo books within a few days to 2 weeks at the absolute most. When I ordered the book, I emailed and asked if it was possible to get it by the 13th, the response was that I could for an additional $12 for express delivery, otherwise it would probably arrive shortly after that date. I declined to pay more and hoped to get the book by the 19th which is our granddaughter’s birthday (which would fall into the 2-3 week delivery time stated on their website). When the book hadn’t arrived by the 20th, I contacted the company again to find the status of my order. I was told they were backlogged with posting shipment updates but that it had been shipped and they sent me the Post Office tracking number. The number indicated that they had been notified there was a package but it hadn’t been picked up. After following the tracking, it was accepted at the sorting facility on the 24th, delivery to our home was made on the 26th.

The long time for delivery certainly dampened my enthusiasm for this book, especially with the high price charged. It seems that some of the larger companies mentioned above would offer this type of book because I can certainly see a large market for this – not just by parents and grandparents, but teachers and pre-schools could certainly benefit by making custom books for their students. I’m posting pictures of each of the pages below, as you can see, it is a wonderful book and Kaylie certainly loves it. I would love to make her more books but need to continue my search for other options of getting them. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.






One thought on “Custom Board Book

  1. I am Sharon’s husband and witnessed first hand Sharon’s account of her experience creating and receiving this book. Although the end result is wonderful we I found the entire process painful from creating it to receiving it. Over the years I have watched Sharon create many picture books (easily 20 or more) and I do not ever recall her being as frustrated as she was with this book. Like I previously mentioned the end result is wonderful and will bring a smile to our grandaughter’s face for years to come.

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