Dining Room Update – thanks Pinterest!

If you haven’t discovered the joys of Pinterest, you really should head over there and check it out! It has really helped Lance and I understand what we like for home decor because there are so many examples of what others have done, we can save items we like and adapt them to our home and needs. After viewing many different dining rooms, it helped us know what we wanted for our home and shop without being overwhelmed. I have been in tears more than once when trying to shop because I just couldn’t put things together, I knew what I liked but couldn’t imagine or picture how to make a nice, finished project. Seeing many examples shared on Pinterest, we were able to go with a vision and come up with a polished look for our dining room.

This was our starting point, nice furniture, a few things in the hutch, and an empty table. The goal of the day was to come up with an attractive, fall tablescape that fit in with the rest of our house decor.

It took a few hours to make decisions and shop, but here is the final look…

Some of the items we used were jars and a centerpiece from Pottery Barn, dishes from Dillards, glasses and silverware from Belk, and some Hobby Lobby Florals. Below is what each individual setting looks like – we really like how the layered look turned out and the mix of colors.

Another favorite item is these really cute jars we picked up at Pottery Barn, and they were actually quite inexpensive. We added some moss and a flower and they were done!

The big splurge was this large centerpiece jar from Pottery Barn – it cost more than I wanted to spend, but we justified it knowing that it is very versatile and can be changed inexpensively each season. It really helped to center the table and we are glad we invested in it. A simple fall candle ring and candle from Hobby Lobby helped to fill it.

Here are a couple more pictures, let me know what you think!


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