learning night time photography

Although I love taking pictures and most of the time they come out well, I consistently struggle with pictures taken at night. My goal is to learn how to do this well before our September cruise which will be the trial run before our cruise next April from Australia to San Francisco, I HAVE to be able to take all good pictures by that trip! Last night began my picture-taking mission. Note – night time pics are hard for me because I am in my pajamas well before dark most of the time, perhaps it would be easier to do early morning – lol!

I headed out across the street to practice taking pics of our house. Here is my first attempt without any changes to settings on the camera…

1st attempt

Obviously, this didn’t work, this is how many of my night pictures have always turned out. Next try I adjusted the amount of light coming into the camera…

allowing more light to enter the lens

Aha! You can now see the house, but this is another familiar picture – blurring of the image.  From what I have read, the trick is to learn how to use the settings on your camera and make adjustments to stabilize the picture and increase the amount of light coming in. A lot of places suggest tripods or sitting your camera on a flat surface but even then you will get some “shake” from pushing the button to take the picture. One suggestion I read is to set your camera on a delay so that the picture is taken a few seconds after pushing the button allowing you a better opportunity to keep the camera still. That was my next step…I put the timer on a 2 second delay meaning the picture was taken 2 seconds after pushing the button.

adjustments made for light and 2 second timer

Aha! I think I’m starting to see progress, not too bad and I’m feeling better about being able to do this. Since it was dark and past my bedtime I started to head in and take a few shots along the way to see how they would turn out…

Here’s the porch…

And my favorite of the night, still not perfect and slightly blurry but I think I know how to fix it!

Our house taken from the driveway

Lance and I are going to Bridge Street one night soon and take some pictures away from home to see how the lessons are paying off, we’ll see how it goes!


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