A picture for every mile!

14 days later and we have come full circle back to Frankfurt. Our wonderful guide, Uli, said that we had gone 2700 miles during that time and I know that I have at least that many pictures on the camera card waiting to be saved to disc, sorted, and made into a photo memory book.

This morning we left Oberammergau to return to Frankfurt. To be very honest, it was another long day on the bus with very little to see – this is the biggest complaint we have, traveling that many miles in 2 weeks means that a lot of time is spent traveling, not sightseeing. For example, today we left the hotel at 8:00, had a half hour rest stop at 9:30, arrived in Rothenburg (more on that soon) for a two hour visit, then back on the road to arrive here at 4:30 – that is more time on the. Bus than I prefer.

Rothenburg is another very scenic medieval town and we definitely enjoyed our time there. Unfortunately, rain has been a persistent companion on this trip and we spent a lot of time dodging raindrops again. Pictures coming soon….

We have definitely enjoyed this trip and the amazing scenery. It was our first land tour after many cruises and I plan on writing our thoughts on comparisons between the two very soon.














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