A thoroughly delightful evening!

Sadly, today we left our hotel in Engelberg and it’s scenic views. Of course, we weren’t sad for very long as we began our journey to Geneva. Much of our day was spent traveling past the many Alpine lakes and mountains along the way. There was time for a quick stop in Interlaken (in-between the lakes) to stroll around this small town.

Our lunch stop was at what we would call a truck stop; however, it was much nicer than that. There was a large, full-service cafeteria with everything from pizza to sandwiches to home-made soup. The views from outside were spectacular making this a very pleasant way to spend an hour. We could see for a very ling distance and enjoy the farmland, goats, cows (brown/chocolate milk!), and old villages. After leaving our lunch stop we prepared to head toward Lake Geneva.

Our arrival in Geneva began our transition from German-speaking Switzerland to the French-speaking portion of the country. Our short driving tour included views of the headquarters if the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, and UNICEF. In addition, we also saw the United Nations site including the walk of flags at the building’s entrance. There was also time to look around the shopping area with all of the very high-end stores. Geneva is an extremely busy urban city. We were happy to find out that our hotel wasn’t located in the city center, it is a few minutes away – directly by the airport. This is the first modern hotel of our sat with the exception of our first night in Frankfurt.

Tonight was very special, a once in a lifetime treat! Most of our tour group went to dinner at a small wine making village in the hills above Geneva. None of the wine is sold outside of the village, it is made for their personal use. The restaurant was located in a 300 year old basement of a house in the village. We were served 3 different wines (although I don’t like wine, I tried 2 of them and the white wine wasn’t too bad, Lance doesn’t care for wine either but he enjoyed them all). Dinner consisted of what they called “carpenter’s cheese”, homemade bread, salad, very small beef pieces that we fondued ourselves, French fries, and fresh strawberries with ice cream and whipped topping. The ambience was incredible and it was a wonderful evening, we hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy sharing them.

Tomorrow we go back to Geneva for a morning boat cruise on Lake Geneva where we will visit the medieval town of Yvoirre, France. Following the cruise we will make our way to Zermatt (back in Switzerland) for a couple of nights stay to view the Matterhorn.

One picture I’ll share shows the only disappointment of the trip (not a major one by any means). Each day we rotate seats on the bus, you move clockwise two seats each day. It is a good arrangement as everyone gets an opportunity to be in different places and no one keeps “prime” seats the whole way. Our seat today had the window bar right in the middle of where we sat – such terrible placement – you would think bus designers would know better. Oh well, next time we will be two more seats forward to a new configuration!





















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