From tranquil to exciting

Geneva was our starting point for the morning and we headed for the lake to board a paddleboat for a 2 hour cruise. From the cruise we could see the Swiss and French sides of the lake with the French side being our disembarkation point. We left the boat at the 700 year old town of Yvoire, and had time to explore. Hopefully the pictures are showing up and you can see some of the town buildings and a picture of the women’s bathroom which hasn’t kept up with the times! After avoiding bathrooms and eating a lunch of crepes it was time to leave and head toward Zermatt.

Zermatt is at the base of the Matterhorn and is not an easy place to get to. Our bus could go as far as Tasch, then we had to board shuttle vans for the next leg. This part of the trip was pretty scary – we went from one to two lane roads on the winding mountainside at what I considered to be breakneck speed. After the shuttles went as far as they could go we boarded small electric transport vehicles to get to our hotel. The hotel is in the middle of the town which is very quaint, lots of chalets and ski resorts with views of the Matterhorn.

Tomorrow morning we will make our way up the Matterhorn, it should be very exciting with many opportunities for more pictures. Speaking of pictures, apparently my pictures haven’t been showing up and I’m not sure why. I’ve republished the posts but I don’t know if thar worked or not, please email me if you happen to see pics on previous posts. If I don’t hear that they are there (and with this post), I’ll try to see what else I can do to get them there.















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