Lucerne by land, water, and air…

Today was spent enjoying the many wonders of Lucerne through several different lenses. After breakfast at the hotel we headed back down the mountain to the town of Lucerne for a quick overview. First stop was the Lion Monument, it is a beautiful sculpture commemorating Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French revolution and is quite a touching tribute to the soldiers. Following that was some free time to explore the winding streets of the town and take pictures of the beautiful wooden bridges.

Next, we traveled to the base of Mt. Stanserhorn for the ascent to the top of the mountain. For the first portion of the climb we travelled by a single train car, to get to the top we went in a cable car. The mountain is almost 6400 feet high and there are no words to describe the panoramic views at the top. Of course, we weren’t content to get off the cable car and look around, we had to climb the remainder of the way to the summit – about a 10 minute hike and well worth it. I have to note here the number of other climbers on the mountain, many were much older than us and extremely spry – quite impressive! There were also many other hikers with their dogs, it was good to see so many people out and enjoying all that there was to offer – not just here, but also in all of the public parks around the country.

After our descent from the mountain we headed to Lake Lucerne for a scenic cruise of the area. The lake is quite large, and this gave us the opportunity to look up at the mountains surrounding the area. I am not capable of describing the beauty of these surroundings – beautiful green meadows, farms and chalets perched on the mountain sides, and the steep, snow-covered mountain tops – there was more than your eyes could take in and absorb.

We then returned to town for some more time to look around. Lance and I returned to the beautiful wooden bridges for one last look. As we stepped onto one of the bridges we noticed a lot of activity taking place and saw a handsome young man sitting on the ledge along with a video production crew nearby. They started filming him and he began lip synching a song – how exciting, they were shooting a video! “Quick, get the video camera,” I said to my videographer who shall remain nameless (lance). My videographer found the perfect spot and rolled tape as the next segment was filmed – we now had footage of what will probably be Switzerland’s next singing sensation! Anxious to see our wonderful footage we hurriedly pushed replay to discover that it didn’t record. 😦 I’m sure you will be glad to hear however, we have some wonderful footage of swans and ducks being fed bread and donuts by a local resident – not quite as exciting as our lost footage, but it’s all we have for now!

Tomorrow our travels in Switzerland continue as we head to Geneva….











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