This is NOT a pillow!

Maybe some day we will enjoy first class travel on an overseas trip. I can picture it now – the seats are wide, comfortable, and recline without without landing on someone’s lap. The flight attendants are actually friendly and have a smile on their face, and I’m sure the captain stops by to kiss you goodnight, tuck you in and whispers “SweetDreams”.
That is not the case back in the cattle section we call home for the next nine hours. As soon as the we get in the air, the seat in front of Lance quickly reclines and Lance utters the first cuss words of the trip. We are on our way now! Not long after that, the surly flight attendant makes his way down our row barking “chicken or beef?” makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Of course, we know why they are in such a hurry to serve dinner – the sooner everyone is fed, the sooner the lights can go off and they can catch a nap before breakfast service.
Speaking of naps…we were fortunate to have pillows and blankets on our seats upon boarding, but I’m not sure they can really be called pillows – I have more lint than that on my dryer filter at home. After wadding it up several ways, I still haven’t found a way to use it as a pillow so I think I’ll save it to use as a Kleenex later in the trip. Still a long way to go…according to the flight map we are close to Syracuse, not even over the Atlantic yet! Both men in front of us seem to have things figured out, seats are reclined, “pillows” are firmly in place, and ghey have a good hour and a half nap already under their belts. Only 6 hours and 43 minutes until we get to Frankfurt.


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