Day #1 – beers 1 and 2

We arrived safely in Frankfurt and all went surprisingly smoothly. Our flight landed at 11:35 and our transfers were supposed to leave at 12:00, even with a stop at passport check and picking up baggage we made it to the meeting point at 12:05 to find a Trafalgar reprepresentative waiting for us. In no time at all we arrived at our hotel, the Sheraton Offenbach.
Our first activity was an overview of Frankfurt at 4:30 so there was time for a short rest before heading out. This hour and a half tour was a perfect introduction to the city without being a long trip after a long flight. It also gave us an opportunity to sample our first German beer in the old town – just right. After our return to the hotel our introduction meeting was held – time for beer #2 – again, just right. After a quick supper at a nearby restaurant we are headed for a well-deserved night’s sleep.
Tomorrow is an early wake-up call at 6:00, breakfast, then off to the Rhine River for a cruise, a drive to Baden-Baden, then to the Black Forest!





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